Let’s be free together. I mean, we already are, but let’s practice anyway.

I’m Rei: writer, gardener, guide.

Rei Hance is a writer, gardener, guide, and podcast hostess. She has molted a hundred times. Each time, the chicharrones have later proven tasty.

Her work evolves around inciting these intimate revolutions in others. She is a Zen person, a Maine person, a clumsy and decent person.

The softest, deepest, darkest work she’s every done is learning, in her body, the difference between a trauma response and a real-time no. Ease with boundaries and an abiding trust in belonging emerges from that intimate embodiment, enveloped in the ecosystem. The ecology of erotic emergence is her home. So is the compost pile. So are all the gardens she tends. She tends her containers for people to open like peonies. But not without some ants.

Her interests include feeling everything (including discomfort), eating the blame, petting strange dogs, and kissing. She also enjoys a little light paddling on land and sea, keeping a wide view, crying into large birches, secretly writing haiku, and opening when she’d rather close.

She delights in service. Alleviating suffering for all beings is her compass. So where do you want to go? Freedom is a pretty good state. You already live there, and it’s yet to be discovered.

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You can do anything you truly desire, really. If you have the courage to truly desire it.

What I Do:

What my clients say about what I do:

“I called upon Rei when I was experiencing a personal coping crisis. Not only did Rei hit the nail on the head with what I was feeling, but also with the way I was handling and reacting to those feelings. My work with Rei helped me develop self-awareness and thrive under fire. The sessions, both in the group and one-on-one couldn’t have resonated more.

The honesty and reflection from the group was an encouraging way to learn the Drama Triangle that plagues many of us and our relationships.

If you’re struggling with jealousy, insecurity, inadequacy, over-extending tendencies and more, I highly, highly recommend setting up an appointment with Rei and see where it takes you!”

–Louise L., Manchester, UK

“I am way more vulnerable, way more open, more receptive and happier than before. The big moment during the breathwork where my heart opened up with a tremendous shudder continues to have a huge effect–much of my pain and fear has gone (like nasty air escaping a balloon). I’m frankly still finding my feet, a little dazed at being grounded in circumstances where before I would have been overwhelmed or fled.

I’ve been funnier, more relaxed, dancing with my son and partner, chatting to my neighbor, feeling free of stuff that I felt was traumatic just a few weeks ago.

Thank you. Your work was what flipped the switch. I was ready, but needed the help. I’m in a new place now.”

–Anthony T., Melbourne, AU

“I recently had an incredible I Ching reading with Rei Hance, whom I highly recommend. She is an exquisite space holder and a wellspring of wisdom. The fear that we sat with together was deeper than my fear of not belonging. It was the fear of belonging, and being left behind. I love her ability to maintain discernment amidst vast complexity and her simultaneous gentleness and ferocity.”

–Scout W., NYC, NY

“Rei is a sage and a brilliant witch.”

–Jenn R., LA, CA

“What shifted is hard to put into words. I felt my grief was not just seen but FELT by you and you honored how much I had been holding on to.”

–Rebecca G., Grass Valley, CA

“I came away from the session feeling much more free, physically and emotionally. The questions Rei asked were challenging, but in a way that helped me get to the core of what was coming up and holding me back. It was energising and dynamic and that was refreshing and what I needed. Thank you.

I realised that I have some power and depth and authenticity that I’ve not explored or allowed to show. I’m still not sure how to truly embody that part of me but it was a revelation to have it mirrored and for me to really acknowledge it. I’m a little intimidated of where the work might take me, if I’m ready for it.”

–Madeleine S., Bath, UK

“It’s like a seed was planted and something very beautiful has begun to grow. One of the main points you brought up for me was to listen. I have taken that and run with it. I’ve really begun to put into practice listening to my partner, loved ones, my manager, etc., without that selfish habit of preparing my responses based only on my own perspective. Life is fucking messy, complicated, constantly evolving, and it will always remain that way. I sit with myself as I am, allowing all thoughts to flow through me without control or judgement. I do not resist. I come innocently to practice not forcing or trying to have an experience. It’s like a light has been turned on. I feel like Dorothy returning from Oz.”

–Daniel H., LA, CA

“Rei is amazing. She works with you and gets deep to the root of the issue. Even if you resist, she eventually gets there to help open you up inside to help free you from the things you are holding in and things that are holding you back.”

–Michael T., Abingdon, VA

“I have gained so much insight into my own bullshit from working with Rei. So many of the questions she posts on Facebook intrigued me. Why was I still caught up in the endless nonsense and depression and anxiety? I learned that I can be responsible for my feelings, actions, thoughts–all of it. It was a relief and also a huge, ‘Fuck!’ moment when that finally sunk in. Rei asks you to be completely honest with yourself.

I am able to hold true boundaries, notice when I’m on the Drama Triangle, and how to face my deepest emotional fears. Rei’s holding space for me, asking me the tough yet loving questions, broke me wide open. Rei’s humor resonated deeply and helped to lighten the load when it felt heavy.

I never understood what people meant when they said, ‘You’ve got to feel your feelings,’ until I learned that it’s all about connecting with and feeling my body. Sitting with myself and feeling every sensation from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.

I now live my life knowing I am holding myself accountable to be the most honest version of myself I can be. And that is everything.”

–Tammy E., Philadelphia, PA