Fuck Suffering with Rei Hance Podcast

Listen better. Like with your whole skin, like a whale. To everything, not just this podcast.

Fuck Suffering with Rei Hance podcast scarlet field with bee. How you choose to see a bee says a lot about how you fuck with suffering or how suffering fucks with you.

Each week Rei and a guest meet the I Ching with coins and a question and rollicking, frolicking conversation blooms.

The readings are done with Rei’s book Oracle of Emergence: An Evolutionary I Ching

No topic is off limits. We cover everything from non-orgasmic self-pleasure practice, to ecology, to rape recovery, to victim consciousness and ordinary ecstasy.

Self-compassion comes up in pretty much every episode.

There seems to be a need for lots more of that.

Luckily, we all have the capacity to provide it generously.


The hope is that every guest leaves a little freer than they came in. A little more at ease in the ecology of erotic emergence, a little more welcoming and trusting of the full sloppy range of being a human being.

We can’t really fuck suffering until we trust suffering. Its buoyance and its beauty are always already yours.

Let’s run the full range together. There’s really no other way.

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