Pocket Coaching

Everything you need is right here, right now.

Support when you want it, where you want it.

Support right now.

Right there in your pocket.

Is your life full of surprises–some you like, some you don’t? Do you know you struggle to hold boundaries when it’s easier to just say yes? Are you experiencing resentment because you don’t feel seen or heard? Do you have a million things to do this week that are not for you? Baby steps, friend. Pocket Coaching is made for you.

A lot of people came to my inbox wanting support, but the scheduling difficulties with my existing groups seemed insurmountable to them. Because my specialty is supporting people in setting and holding boundaries, these were just the clients I was best suited to serve, but they were so ensnared in boundarylessness that we couldn’t connect. How could I meet people in this situation where they are at? Pocket Coaching has turned out to be an excellent, light touch solution.

At the kid’s game, waiting outside of dance class, in a moment of twilight dread that you’re about to soothe with some Netflix–you have your phone nearby, right? Nothing wrong with Netflix, but having some support in those moments can shift things that Love Is Blind just can’t. We will work together to help you make friends with discomfort. It turns out discomfort is a very good and intimate friend. Maybe the best of friends.

Pocket Coaching happens through voice memo and and text via What’s App. Once we meet in a One-on-One session and get a sense of where you’re at and how I can best support you, we deepen and expand for six months.

There’s an additional One-on-One at the three month mark so we can see each other again to touch in and see how things are going and one more at the end of the six months to close the time reflectively.

You can text or voice memo whenever you want. There’s a cap at a total of 10 messages per day, so your clarity around what’s uncomfortable in the moment will be beneficial for both of us.

This is a new and rapidly growing offering, so I want to make sure I serve everyone wholeheartedly. Once you’ve booked in your first One-on-One and your subscription to Pocket Coaching, I’ll send you my VR code for What’s App and so it begins…

Pocket Coaching

There were so many busy parents with unpredictable schedules, people who were curious and uncertain and those living in time zones that just didn’t work with my groups. I needed a solution to be able to serve all the people: Pocket Coaching! My most affordable and flexible offering. Coaching for where you’re at, in this moment, just as it is. Six months of opening to reliable boundaries, a deep sense of belonging, and radiant presence. Less suffering, more joy.

1 on 1

Like any good relationship, before we begin, we have to get to know each other. The hour-long one on one sessions happen via phone. There are three 1:1 check ins in Pocket Coaching at the beginning, the middle, and the end. Take the time to really ground before our session and notice what’s most alive for you and where it lives in your body. Can you notice the sensations without the stories? Book with te button below. If you’d like to get in touch to see if we’re a good fit, email hi@reihance.com and let me know what’s most alive for you.

1 on 1 w/ I Ching Reading

Random speaks its own vast tongue. Wouldyou like a 5,000 year old oracle to speak up as part of your 1:1? Bring three coins and the question most alive for you now and I’ll read for you from my new version of this ancient book of wisdom writ fresh, Oracle of Emergence: An Evolutionary I Ching. Your 1:1 will open from there. To hear how this goes, check out the F*ck Suffering podcast.

I have gained so much insight into my own bullshit from working with Rei. So many of the questions she posts on Facebook intrigued me. Why was I still caught up in the endless nonsense and depression and anxiety? I learned that I can be responsible for my feelings, actions, thoughts–all of it. It was a relief and also a huge, ‘Fuck!’ moment when that finally sunk in. Rei asks you to be completely honest with yourself.

I am able to hold true boundaries, notice when I’m on the Drama Triangle, and how to face my deepest emotional fears. Rei’s holding space for me, asking me the tough yet loving questions, broke me wide open. Rei’s humor resonated deeply and helped to lighten the load when it felt heavy.

I never understood what people meant when they said, ‘You’ve got to feel your feelings,’ until I learned that it’s all about connecting with and feeling my body. Sitting with myself and feeling every sensation from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.

I now live my life knowing I am holding myself accountable to be the most honest version I can be. And that is everything.”

Tammy E.

The road less traveled. Pocket coaching happens right here, right now. Support where you want it, when you want it.

Right here, right now.